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Dawn Lim Visual Arts

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New Abstract Works

Painted first week in December 2018

Title: Dusty Pink Storm 2


50.5 x 40.5

this painting is atmospheric in nature and the line at the bottom  anchor's it as a landscape making it rather Earthy. I really like it

painted first week in December 2018

Title: Dusty Pink Storm 1


91 x 91 cm

I know I have said I paint subliminally at times but in this case, I just like these colors. Some see things in it that I don't want or ever meant, others see beautiful things like avalanches or as I think, atmospheric a whirlwind or dust storm, but whatever you see, its in the eye of the beholder, its subliminal to you. I just painted a composition in the colors I chose to use .

Painted in the last week of November 2018

Title: Landing.

101 x 101 cm


I finally achieved the hazy effect I've been looking for by changing my brand of  paint, its not so thick and sticky and this  brand has a tougher polymer medium to carry the pigment than the first. I named the Painting Landing because that is what the marks seem to indicate to me. At first I excitedly imagined Aliens Landing but of course no one else would see that so I changed to this more sober thought