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Abstract paintings for sale, Local landscape sceneries of the 
Pyrenees Wine Region of Victoria and portraits can be commissioned.

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New Moonambel Landscapes

Posted on 22 November, 2019 at 3:25

I have been getting up early in the morning and going out Painting in some high spots I know where I live in Moonambel, Pyrenees Shire Victoria Australia.  I had to choose cool days because it gets so hot in the sun but these two were rather cold, I thought I would freeze to death as well as battling the wind which blows the canvas over me.  I was glad it was acrylic because its drier but then the sun dries out on the pallette faster so I have to keep mixing the colors, as any artist will tell you its not easy to get the same mix, but I love being out there and its so more enjoyable than painting from a photograph, and the result is altogether different, Hope you get the feel of the place in these two little paintings only 50 x40 cm both for sale on Bluethumb.

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