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A very busy Month November

Posted on 30 November, 2019 at 5:50

I turned 70 and must be in a hurry because I have been able to paint more work than I had all year lol. I have done 3 sketches of pooches for ladies from the Beaufort Market, I have painted a scene for a friend in America, who has paid me in Golden paints, which I am looking forward to using, I made up 4 jars of wax medium and have been experimenting with that on some beaut University cartridge paper that I bought, which I think i have wasted about 4 sheets with gesso which buckles them, but I will try to use them. and have managed to produce 2 paintings from which I can use what I have learned, and even put on sale. I have 4 sheets left and think I will be using them wisely from now on .I am posting a few here, I dont know how to make them smaller so I can post them all, but believe me I have been busy.

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