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New 3D Painting

Posted on 6 August, 2019 at 6:55

Nowadays I have found my old heart for painting again, a 3D type gestural line that I had forgotten about and out of the blue its appeared on my canvas, I feel so at home. I have shared how lost I was feeling and even took a course with Nancy Hillis which was somewhat disappointing because she was teaching what I taught myself years ago and I still couldn't get my mojo back, and couldn't carry on where I left off about 5 yrs ago. Its a story I feel can tell now. Medication I was given for the schizophrenia was killing me so I went to a new doctor and it took a whole year to change that medicine and gradually take a newer more suitable medication. I literally had to hang on to my mind through it all. I wouldn't wish that year on anyone. I made it through but I lost my art memory and have been searching for it till now. Not that I was completely hopeless I have painted a number of Paintings I am really proud of that people have loved and bought but I hope I can enjoy Painting in 3D again and see where it goes from here. Heres the new Painting which as always I have put on my Bluethumb Profile.

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