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Spending time on Portraits

Posted on 26 March, 2019 at 3:50


I have been to Tasmania and home for a week now and all the while drawing portraits.

I used to draw them as a kid but stopped all together when I started Painting after UNI until someone asked me to paint them 5yrs ago. I was shocked at how immature the paintings were, so I began again to draw portraits again.

It’s been a bit of hit and miss proportionally, I think maybe because of my older vision or glasses but my measurements are sometime way out, so I think it's also caused by my brain.


I had my own methods when young as I was self-taught and naturally measured without any aid but last night, I tried with a line drawn grid with the point in the center, and it helped a lot with a drawing of Dan Tehan a Federal Minister here in Australia. I was supposed to enter his portrait in the Archibald but just wasn't happy with every effort, but I have it right now.


I am going to share a few Portraits with you today, I get my reference from Pinterest and the last is a personal photograph of the Minister.

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