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Taking Courage with my Lexicon

Posted on 27 February, 2019 at 0:25

Wow its been a while since I posted that video. I have been busy though, my 92 yr old mom was sick, shes home now thank's be to God.

I have started painting again, I began these types of Marks a while ago now, and have decided to go with the flow. Im just following my old Mantra, Making marks and seeing where they lead, which I learned back in 1993 in an Andre Breton manifesto and have tried to follow since then coming up with all sorts of paintings. But I really loved gestural brush strokes in  paint and line.

These marks  fit that ideal so I am embracing  them as my lexicon. I have started painting on Archival university Cartridge paper, so they are suitable for sale on Bluethumb as posters or framed but I need to purchase more and as all the others are on very good drawing papers  I am hoping to  sell them  for $35 inclusive postage as collector pieces. If anyone want's to grab one, they are approx 50 x 80 cms. Theyll last a fair while as its far stronger than newspaper which keeps preserved for years.  I can best be reached on my Facebook page if you would like one, I can share images there and take addresses. 

Any way here's a few and  I'll see you  here or on Facebook sooner next time I hope.

Title: Blonde fuss (drawing paper)

Title: Ice King, (drawing Paper)

Title:Tangled Springs, (university Cartridge Paper)

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