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Post Initial Experiments.

Posted on 27 December, 2018 at 22:15

I have had a great time experimenting with Gestural Marks. If you know anything about me you will remember I always loved Gestural mark making and you may have realized  I couldnt always produced the kind of Art I desired, shooting off into all directions, having a mish mash of paintings and of the gestural ones only a few were the way I have wanted to work. This has been very frustrating to me  all the while, it has brought me to the point where I have taken a short course with Nancy Hillis, so I can concentrate. Ive never taken a lesson before and although I knew everything she has taught me, thumbnails just letting go and experiment, I have not had the patience to practice it. Well now I have practiced almost to the point of nausia but I loved my marks, most of them anyway. and wanted to started to paint on canvas again. It wasn't easy at all!,where I loved my marks on paper, once I went to  canvas again I had a big setback. [I think actually that is why I used to go straight to a canvas, incase something good happend then it was down and memoriable,] but these small canvases took me a whole day, my back killing me to come up with something I liked. My thoughts were filled with a holiday Id had 4 yrs ago because of the colors and marks. I'm posting them here now. Please let me know if you get them. because I like to get feedback, hope you have a great New year 2019 and stay safe. 


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