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Latest Abstract

Posted on 23 September, 2019 at 8:10 Comments comments (0)

The weather has not been good for painting outside so I have been painting abstracts again, and this last one  has been the most satisfying abstract I have done in a long time. It has a wash exposing some layers beneath and I love the colours together, especially the dark moody Blue. Bluethumb the online gallery have chosen it for there staff picks which has been a lovely surprise.

New Direction.

Posted on 11 September, 2019 at 5:15 Comments comments (0)

I have decided to take a new direction and paint all the wonderful scenery that take my breath away when I see them as we drive to various locations. It will take a lot of effort because of distances to travel we are usually rushing through to our destinations. I am determined to make special trips just to stop and paint and take photographs as I love working Plein air and in the studio. Sometimes they can be brought to completion in the studio after starting in the outdoors with photographic references, which will be useful so I dont have to make long trips over again.. I am sharing a painting I did Monday afternoon in the studio because it was so windy all I could do was take a photograph and I was dying to get started. Its a 91 x91 cm canvas.  The yellow strips are the Canola fields which are everywhere here this time of year.

Final entry for portrait prize

Posted on 22 August, 2019 at 19:50 Comments comments (1)

I have started again after breaking all the rules I set Myself,  started very amateurish  but regained the momentum.  Here's a video of the slow start, and final results. I spent around 6-8 hours to completion.


2nd Portrait Completed

Posted on 19 August, 2019 at 6:00 Comments comments (1)

This Painting has turned out to be a trial run for the next which I will start by the end of the week. I have taken note of a few things, 1. that I need to use a ruler, and a couple of compositional things for the features on my face. Most of all things need to be in place and the right colors used first and uniformly especially wiith Acrylics because theres no second take once a color is on it will not be lightened again, unless with a little gesso and there must be enough Paint mixed even if it means throwing unused away. Any way I am going to paint the same composition and use what I have learned,  I really like this as a self portrait and am looking forward to painting it again.

2nd take for the Rick Amor Prize

Posted on 16 August, 2019 at 6:10 Comments comments (1)

I wanted to try a different pose than head to the front so I am starting again, I'll show  you. This is an acrylic start.

Self Portrait WIP

Posted on 15 August, 2019 at 6:05 Comments comments (0)

I have started on a self Portrait which if I finish in time and is good enough I want to Enter in the Rick Amor portrait competition. The rule for this one is that no photos digital images cameras etc are to be used, only a mirror, it must be from life. I'll show you what I've come up with for now, its still at the clumsy stage and it needs to dry a bit before I can do any more, I want to work on the eyes and the background make that darker and tidy it up generaly. The clothing is taken from a painting of mine and the hair is a memory because I have been letting mine grow.  I hope I can keep working on it tomorrow or Saturday.

I have done what I wanted to do and here is the almost finished painting, But I'm not happy and have started another pose, which I am posting on a new blog.

New 3D Painting

Posted on 6 August, 2019 at 6:55 Comments comments (1)

Nowadays I have found my old heart for painting again, a 3D type gestural line that I had forgotten about and out of the blue its appeared on my canvas, I feel so at home. I have shared how lost I was feeling and even took a course with Nancy Hillis which was somewhat disappointing because she was teaching what I taught myself years ago and I still couldn't get my mojo back, and couldn't carry on where I left off about 5 yrs ago. Its a story I feel can tell now. Medication I was given for the schizophrenia was killing me so I went to a new doctor and it took a whole year to change that medicine and gradually take a newer more suitable medication. I literally had to hang on to my mind through it all. I wouldn't wish that year on anyone. I made it through but I lost my art memory and have been searching for it till now. Not that I was completely hopeless I have painted a number of Paintings I am really proud of that people have loved and bought but I hope I can enjoy Painting in 3D again and see where it goes from here. Heres the new Painting which as always I have put on my Bluethumb Profile.

Winning Painting 2019

Posted on 16 July, 2019 at 7:05 Comments comments (1)

I'm a duffer I completely forgot to share how my painting  Taltarni a Slice of Heaven had won first prize for the grape and wine theme at the Pyrenees Unearthed this year.  the judge said she gave the award because of the obvious love the artist  had for the subject.  I do love the pyrenees here in Australia and so it seems it shows. Others have told me that they love the way I capture the colors, I am glad I can. Heres the winning painting. I also won a Peoples choice the week before in my home town, which was very sweet. That was a local landscape too but I couldnt fit it in the lense for a photograph in one take.I shall try to find it on Google back up for later.

A work in progress

Posted on 16 July, 2019 at 6:10 Comments comments (0)

I got  tied up with all sorts of activities lately spinning wool and knitting as well as painting, and drawing portraits . At the moment I am painting a family, still a work in progress but I wanted to share, I am enjoying the process and how much it looks like them, hope to finish thursday or Friday, I am teaching tomorrow at the local U3A  in Avoca, our nearest home town, Landscapes, mixing colors and brushstrokes along with perspectives for a group of ladies who are coming along real well. Any way heres the Painting I am working on.

Spending time on Portraits

Posted on 26 March, 2019 at 3:50 Comments comments (0)


I have been to Tasmania and home for a week now and all the while drawing portraits.

I used to draw them as a kid but stopped all together when I started Painting after UNI until someone asked me to paint them 5yrs ago. I was shocked at how immature the paintings were, so I began again to draw portraits again.

It’s been a bit of hit and miss proportionally, I think maybe because of my older vision or glasses but my measurements are sometime way out, so I think it's also caused by my brain.


I had my own methods when young as I was self-taught and naturally measured without any aid but last night, I tried with a line drawn grid with the point in the center, and it helped a lot with a drawing of Dan Tehan a Federal Minister here in Australia. I was supposed to enter his portrait in the Archibald but just wasn't happy with every effort, but I have it right now.


I am going to share a few Portraits with you today, I get my reference from Pinterest and the last is a personal photograph of the Minister.