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My Story

I have loved every minute of my journey in art

Dawn Lim

About Dawn

I have been been artistically inclined since the age of 4,  when I found my art heart. Its has been a love I never gave up, and it has been my lifeline. Because of my experience with  mental illness and being self taught I agreed when it was suggested to becoming  known as an outsider artist.
Although my work hasn't exactly fitted with whats expected in an outsider genre I think it is highly individual and I think my best have always come through inspiration with a touch of magic  for which I thank  my God. Also I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, for which I credit my recovery.
Encouraged by my husband  I gained a Bachelor of arts degree later followed by a Honors year in 2008.  I have  a friendly personality,   I've  learned to cope with myself and my husband of 40 yrs now and of course have people who know me well, or get to know me. My work is a mixture of abstracts, landscapes and portraits which I love creating for creating sake.  Abstracts,  which have all sorts of subject's  sometimes personal, my beliefs or feelings at the time, landscapes because  of my surroundings  and portraits both of which are created from observations.

For the past 5 yrs I have been able to paint full time, winning 6 consecutive awards in the Pyrenees and Wimmera Regions of Victoria Australia. My work has traveled far and wide to personal collections. I am well known by Mr Google, and you can find quite  a lot about me through him.

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I take commissions for portrait and landscape paintings.

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I have been attending art Lessons from Dawn Lim now for several months. What  I find amazing is her ability to get from me artwork that is truly reflective of a landscape.  I have had no previous art lessons and was very nervous about learning.  Dawns friendly, encouraging manner immediately put nerves to rest. Her passion for art, her quiet praise and ability to take the whole class on this learning journey  is wonderful.  Thank you Dawn,  very much.

Alison Cheater,
Principal at Elmhurst Primary School.

The Artist your work (particularly the piece we bought) so reminded us of was Jean-Michel Basquiat. Not figuratively but the same feel and shared technique. Iā€™d be interested if you think so.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Michel_Basquiat

Ellen Mc Sheedy

I absolutely loved my first lesson today. I was totally amazed by the learning I achieved today and absolutely totally happy with the wonderful painting I got to take home! I would recommend lessons to anyone wanted to have a go to learn some new skills!

Briana Fay Close

Hello Dawn, better late than never! Sam has made a shadow frame šŸ–¼ and we just hung it up today. Thank you, it looks fabulous and makes us feel like we are in Tormeys Lane! Best regards Jo / i think start the testimonial, with thank you , it looks fabulous ......

Jo Kummrow