Paintings for sale by Dawn Lim
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Abstract paintings for sale, Local landscape sceneries of the 
Pyrenees Wine Region of Victoria and portraits can be commissioned.

     Dawn Lim Visual Arts

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I have loved every minute of my journey in art

Dawn Lim


  Dawn Lim’s work is subliminal. She follows the Dadaist Andre Breton automation method of making marks and seeing where they lead. Her subjects of late are personal, portraying her beliefs and feelings of faith in life and beyond.

The artist uses a variety of mediums, making her own cold wax to mix with oil paint or mixing acrylics with gesso. She finds these mediums interesting to work with, giving a point of difference to her final results.

Born in London 1949, Lim emigrated to Australia. She embarked on a career as an outsider artist upon graduation with Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors as a non-traditional student.

For the past six years Dawn has been painting full time. She is the recipient of seven Regional awards. Dawn's work can be found in public and private art collections in Australia and around the world.  


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An Idea is Born

I take commissions for portrait and landscape paintings.

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Message I am the proud owner of 3 beautiful paintings that Dawn has painted. I recently commissioned Dawn to paint 2 further paintings for gifts to my immediate family members. One was a painting of Marilyn Monroe and the other was a portrait of my brother in law dressed in his beloved Essendon jersey. These are large paintings and absolutely life like. Simply amazing Dawn, your are a great Artist and I am a better person from meeting you. Thanks
Gordon Marr June 2020

I have been attending art Lessons from Dawn Lim now for several months. What  I find amazing is her ability to get from me artwork that is truly reflective of a landscape.  I have had no previous art lessons and was very nervous about learning.  Dawns friendly, encouraging manner immediately put nerves to rest. Her passion for art, her quiet praise and ability to take the whole class on this learning journey  is wonderful.  Thank you Dawn,  very much.

Alison Cheater,
Principal at Elmhurst Primary School.

The Artist your work (particularly the piece we bought) so reminded us of was Jean-Michel Basquiat. Not figuratively but the same feel and shared technique. I’d be interested if you think so.

Ellen Mc Sheedy

I absolutely loved my first lesson today. I was totally amazed by the learning I achieved today and absolutely totally happy with the wonderful painting I got to take home! I would recommend lessons to anyone wanted to have a go to learn some new skills!

Briana Fay Close

Hello Dawn, better late than never! Sam has made a shadow frame 🖼 and we just hung it up today. Thank you, it looks fabulous and makes us feel like we are in Tormeys Lane! Best regards Jo / i think start the testimonial, with thank you , it looks fabulous ......

Jo Kummrow